I work with Individual Buyers, Builders, and Realtors. 

I am not a Realtor.

I completely understand that buying your first piece of land can be very stressful and nerve wrecking. I am here to answer any and all questions you might have regarding any of my specific lots or the process in general. To make sure everything gets handled correctly, all transactions will go through a escrow and title company. The escrow and title companies are responsible for handling all the official paperwork and the transfer of the deed and funds.

Below is a simple outline of the process.  

What is the process?

Let me know what kind of land you are looking for below:

We execute a simple purchase agreement to open escrow. 

For sale by owner 

Browse Online or Call/Text or Email – 619.980.6772 / frankwitt99@gmail.com

You send the escrow company the funds, I send them the Grant Deed. 

We open escrow, the escrow and title companies handle all the official paperwork. 

You are a happy land owner!

The escrow company records and send the Grant Deed, and send me the funds. 

Let me know what property you are interested in.